Online Website Designing Course

Aalmi Majlis Muftian-e-Karam is offering Website Designing Course

Static Website Designing (HTML & CSS)

Key Features of the course are:-


  • Introduction
  • Creating Webpage
  • Fonts, Size, color, alignment and other HTML tags
  • File format, Inserting Image, Hyperlinking, H1 to H6 Tags
  • HTML Tables, Marquee
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • HTML Website by Frontpage
  • Page layouts
  • Creating and HTML Website (Project)
  • HTML Comments, Meta Tags
  • All HTML Tags (How to find and apply)
  • HTML Versions
  • Browsers Versions
  • CSS (Introduction)
  • CSS Properties and values
  • Formatting HTML tags by CSS
  • CSS ID and Classes
  • Calling ID or Class in HTML
  • CSS, HTML Project (Creating CSS HTML Website)
  • Creating Contact Form (HTML, CSS)
  • php Script for submitting form
  • Hosting and Domain (Introduction)
  • Launching Website