Numerous styles between the event names is actually noticeable inside seasons

“PDA” 16 116 Learn Move attempts to get a hold of their destroyed PDA, and you can looks like accusing Romulox, an effective tar monster having along with a pretentious yuppie, off stealing it.

“Mail-order Bride to be” 17 117 Due to the fact a xmas establish on their own, Master Move and Carl split the cost of an email-acquisition fiance from Chechnya, whom locks by herself when you look at the Carl’s domestic whenever she becomes a good take a look at their this new “husbands”.

Immediately after killing the 2 so that you can free them away from the serpent, Frylock happens off the deep end and degenerates into a life out-of offense and you may cheap, meaningless sex

“Cybernetic Ghost out of Christmas Past About Future” 18 118 Carl are harassed from the a robot Ghost out of Christmas time Previous, just who shows up in February, upcoming proceeds to complete Carl’s pool and you may plumbing with blood and you can ramble on a prehistoric “Santa Ape” and you can elves regarding Mars.

As an example the basic 50 % of all the feel the phrase “super” within brands (“Very Dish”, “Very Birthday celebration Snake”, “Extremely Trivia”, etcetera.) if you find yourself after episodes all of the have the phrase “the” (“The latest Putting on a costume”, “The last One to”, “THE”, an such like.) Also, for the “Heart Travels Creation Wedding”, Meatwad indirectly records around three Hurry sounds (“Fly by night”, “Brand new Soul from Radio”, and “Tom Sawyer”) of the singing a line from the track or imitating the fresh musical instrument defeat.

“Very Birthday celebration Snake” 19 202 Meatwad wants a rabbit, but Move becomes him a snake instead which ends up dining them one another. Carl appear the very next day wondering exactly what all of the sounds is actually yesterday, and Frylock kills him also. Shake, Meatwad, and you can Carl afterwards get back due to the fact zombies when Frylock attempts to shed our home off. The whole thing actually is an online simulation, produced by Frylock so you can show as to why Meatwad isn’t enjoy to own an animal…which often try a virtual simulation created by Meatwad in order to show that Frylock doesn’t understand him together with he believes.

“Super Character” 20 204 Shake wishes to be a good superhero, and you may after his promotion strategies fail, the guy receives multiple vats regarding radioactive drinking water so you’re able to splash abreast of himself and you may get superpowers. Rather than are “The Drizzle,” he quickly begins melting and you can deforming while the radioactive content start affecting your.

Previous head artist for the Misfits Glenn Danzig makes an invitees appearance given that himself, to invest in Carl’s domestic to have $step one,000,000 once Carl will get sick and tired of this new haunting and you will motions

“Super Dish” 21 203 Meatwad gains a few seats for the Awesome Pan when you look at the Detroit out of a great corn potato chips venture. A competitor ensues anywhere between Carl and you may Shake into the that happen to be the main one so you can match Meatwad. Fundamentally, Meatwad would go to new Very Pan along with his pal Boxy Brownish (good cardboard package adorned which have a black afro), just to understand the guy went to a ranch and not the Very Bowl. Meanwhile, Shake looks like which have malignant tumors and you can diabetes immediately after dinner numerous corn chips in an effort to profit one minute number of seats. (And this is, Super Bowl XL occured for the Detroit to the )

“Very Computers” twenty two 201 Frylock grows a circular very computer system/games console that he calls this new OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA (Klingon for “superior galactic cleverness”), that is occur to repaid in the long run. It ends up in both hands away from good caveman, Oog, who growth extremely-cleverness and you may durability by using the system. Oog leads to the present decades in the Frylock’s door, demanding video game with the desktop.

“Very Model” 23 205 Learn Shake journey in order to Guatemala getting surgery treatment just like the the guy can not afford to get it done in the usa. Meatwad plays head-online game to the Shake and you can convinces your for more surgery complete, having devastating efficiency.