Britney Spears Elon Musk
Hey Elon, have you heard about the controversy surrounding
and whether it’s legal or not?
Yes, Britney, I have. It’s a complex issue, and I think it comes down to
contract law.
You know, I had to sign a
letter of authorization for requesting documents recently.
Interesting. I’ve been dealing with some
legal fees related to court cases for SpaceX.
And I also had to fill out a
buyer representation agreement for a property I was interested in.
Contracts seem to be a recurring theme. I recently had to go over a
contract with a contractor for a new project.
I’ve read that
ambiguity in contracts can actually favor parties under certain circumstances.
That’s interesting. I’ve been looking into
creating a legal will, and it’s quite a process.
Lastly, I had to go over a
room rental agreement for a property in Arizona.
Hmm, speaking of legal matters, do you know the
legal age of consent in Washington, DC?