Alice’s Story – by the Alice Liddell – I’m an enthusiastic eighteen-year-old girl, who’s already been sexually effective the majority of my life

Ali And her Father – of the Ca Tales – Shortly after delivering dumped because of the her boyfriend, Ali goes household. Their own father is there so you’re able to comfort her. Although not, he goes beyond relaxing their virgin daughter. (M/f-adolescent, nc, inc, 1st)

Alexander – of the Enthusiast – The story of Great Alexander, a historical ruler around the world He was a keen adventurer, a beneficial conqueror and you may an excellent bisexual whom lusted not merely once his greatest men pal Hephaiston also adopting the breathtaking, flaming Barbarian girl Roxana

Alice – by the Andy Grams. – A young lady offers their own flat that have a lady co-worker, and their particular system as well. (FF, initial, work)

Alice, My personal Better Pal’s Mom – by High Man – An early boy’s very first sexual sense is by using their finest buddy’s mom. (Fm-adolescent, ped, 1st)

I’ve had of a lot people, both female and male, mature and you may youngster; and I’d like to inform you of the way i first encountered sex. (Ff Sao luis girls are beautiful, ff, ffm, ped, 1st)

It’s a tale from incest and lust that develops with the good deep, psychological like and sisters such as for example few other

Alisha – of the Alisha – Threesome: One or two that have an underage girl – “We stayed in a very sweet society nearby to help you good really attractive more youthful pair (Michael & Maria). He had been very, extremely good-looking (25) and he try gorgeously breathtaking (23). While i is eleven, We already been checking out them, enabling aside with tasks up to their property. Michael was in the occupation and you may Maria was in the brand new pr field. (MF/f, first, ped)

All of the For one and something For everyone – by the Uninhibited – My personal thoughts since the a baby away from incest. (M+/g, extreme-ped, infant, 1st, mast, dental, bi)

All inclusive – of the RavensNest – A man matches up with an excellent MILF along with her a couple of teenage daughters within an excellent Hawaiian lodge. The guy first keeps their means for the mom, then each daughter in turn, next ultimately them to one another. (M/F/ff-youngsters, bi, inc, initial, orgy)

All My personal Siblings – by Charles Manhood – A great teen’s escapades with his sisters leads to a love that have a girl just who abandons your, in which he afterwards turns once again to at least one of one’s sisters. (MF-youth, inc, first, mast, dental, rom)

Most of the Siblings Keeps Gifts – from the DeepLongings – A young boy’s sexuality flora as he learns he has a beneficial fetish to own their dual sister’s clothing, his dreams in order to become identical to her and you will an interest in their cousin becoming within him. (mm-young people, youths, inc, 1st-gay-expr, computer game, mast, dental, anal, exh)

All Unspoken Taboos – by Ulyssa Kincaid – An extension of stories of letters basic delivered for the “A few Taboo” and you will “Instructions From An adult Woman.” (F/m-adolescent, ped, inc, 1st)

All Cellar Is actually Fall under United states – from the Alex Hawk – I beg your own collective forgiveness to the term. I just wouldn’t combat. Six students, you to matter-of alcohol, a pornography and you can a basements. Today when it has no the potential for dilemmas, I just do not know what does. Please forgive the newest awful, terrible identity. (youthfulness, class, inc, first, oral, mast)

Allic – from the Jack Chames – Allic, a great fourteen season-old natural born hermaphrodite, whom will lean so much more to your female front, discovers love to your the very least questioned lover. (M/f, ped, 1st, bi, oral, voy, rom, shemale) Part 2

Allie Becomes Cool – because of the Jimmy James – At the thirteen I had been which have wet hopes and dreams for pretty much a great season and you will is actually very self conscious about this. One cool winter season evening I experienced an exceptionally brilliant and graphic wet fantasy. I woke with a-start and you can was amazed to understand I got only fucked my 10 year-old sibling Allie! (m-teen/g, extreme-youths, inc, 1st)