Our Shura

  • Molana Zahid Ur Rashidi Sahib
  • Mufti Javed Husain Shah Sahib
  • Molana Fazal Raheem Sahib
  • Mufti Muhammad Zahid Sahib
  • Qari Ahmed Mian Thanvi Sahib
  • Mufti Muhammad Shahid Ubaid Sahib

“Aalmi Majlis Muftian-e-Kiram"

Islamic Research and Educational Department working Under Supervision of World's top Islamic Scholars and Muftian-e-Kiram
Lahore, Pakistan

Formation of Institutes

Our Mission is establishing Islamic Institute in each city of the world to provide Islamic services worldwide.

Relation Building

We are building relation between Ulama and common man. We want to create an online and easy platform for public to contact Muftian-e-Kiram


We are providing online Takhsus fil Fiqh, Dirasat Denya and other Islamic courses for distance learning.


Aalmi Majlis Miftian-e-Kiram have following departments
Department of Quran & Hadith
Online Dar-ul-Ifta
Online Takhasus
Different Dora
Skill Development Programs

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